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  • 5G Indoor CPE
  • 5G Indoor CPE
  • 5G Indoor CPE
  • 5G Indoor CPE
5G Indoor CPE5G Indoor CPE5G Indoor CPE5G Indoor CPE

5G Indoor CPE

  • Dimension:124mm*70mm*182mm(L×W×H)

5G Indoor CPE


Product Description

PTW5362 5G CPE is a new wireless router for home or small business userintegrated with WIFI Hotspot, two Ethernet ports(WAN/LAN)  one RJ11 and Web-UI management. It greatly facilitates the connection between people and networked machines, supports 4G/5G wireless and wired Internet at the same time, built-in 5G full-frequency antenna, download speed up to 2.3Gbps (theoretical value), circular layout design, 360-degree signal coverage.

It can also be applied to a wide temperature environment, and high ratio of performance to price, stable, cost-effective, high reliability, easy management, configuration flexibility and good quality of service (QoS) guarantees.


Ø  Enabling high speed 5G network

Ø  Qualcomm Snapdragon™ X55 and Wi-Fi 11ax technology

Ø  Better antenna design

Ø  “Smart ANT” algorithm allows CPE to choose better signals independently  Ensures 360° high-speed CPE connection, hign gain up tp 9dBi

Ø  Low power consumption

Ø  Special structural design and core parts, keeps power consumption low  Power consumption level is equivalent to 4G CPE

Ø  Specially designed Chimney Venting

Ø  No fan = No extra noise and power

Ø  Core chips are equipped with Thermal phase change materials

Ø  Supports Android+IOS

Ø  Remote Management  DIY Experience

Parental & Guest Wi-Fi Control  Recommend Best Location  Mobile Data Management


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