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Condense heart gather strength, strive for success -- 2020 Photon Winter Group construction trip

In order to adjust work pressure, create a working atmosphere of passion, responsibility and unity, so that everyone can better devote themselves to the work, the company organizes employees to go to Xianhu Botanical Garden, Dameisha seaside boardwalk, reform and opening exhibition hall for a leisure trip。

Speaking of Xianhu, can not be separated from the Hongfa Temple, hongfa temple is founded in 1949, the first temple built in China. Located in Shenzhen, the frontier of China's reform and opening up, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and facing Southeast Asia, Zhao puchu and other leaders of the Buddhist Association of China had high hopes for making Hongfa a first-class Buddhist cultural temple in China and a bond of friendship with overseas Buddhist circles。

Later, we came to the Dameisha boardwalk, where we enjoyed the natural beauty on the broad platform with the breeze from the sea, visited the Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning of Shenzhen, and watched the changes along the way of Guangdong in the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up。


This trip is only a short day, but the atmosphere of joy and unity around the hearts of every employee, let everyone have a good time at the same time let each employee have a deeper understanding of the sense of honor, team, responsibility.

 In the company colleagues singing and laughter, everyone happy to end today's journey。



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