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PHOTON Shenzhen headquarters welcomes the relocation and opening of the new site

On August 27th, the Shenzhen headquarters of PHOTON welcomed the opening of its new location. At 10:00 auspicious hours, Ms. Lei, the general manager of PHOTON, hosted the opening ceremony for the new building.The new site is at 4/F, BLD 14 ,Hualun Science and Technology Park ,Fenghuang No. 161 xingye Road, Fuyong town,Baoan district, Shenzhen,China.

PHOTON officially launched the relocation procedure on August 28. During the relocation of the factory, the heads of each department made reasonable plans and arrangements. All employees uphold the principle of “working while relocating” and actively sacrifice rest time. After three days of cooperation , And successfully completed the relocation work including the transfer of factory lines, warehouses, monitoring equipment, archives and network information equipment.

The new plant covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters with complete functions and reasonable layout. The interior decoration has implemented simple and atmospheric standards. The opening of the new plant will greatly improve the staff's office environment and enhance the overall image of the office. After the relocation, PHOTON will continue to exert its excellent style of excellence, further provide you with better products and services, and develop together with you, and thank you again for your long-term support and cooperation to our company!


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