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PHOTON 2020 Sales Champion Award Ceremony ended successfully

In June 2020,PHOTON monthly sales champion award ceremony was held.

In order to promote PHOTON entrepreneurial spirit and recognize and establish a group of capable, motivated, promising, and thoughtful workplace elites,PHOTON held this "Sales Champion" awards event. This event is based on the ratio of employees to complete the monthly target rate, the speed of replying to enquire, customer service awareness and ability, their professional qualities and organizational management capabilities. In the comprehensive evaluation of one month, the final winner is selected.

Years have left traces, and there is no regrets in life. From the sales champions, we can see the dedicated and willing work of PHOTON employees. Who says that women are inferior to men, as women, you are strong, confident, and gritty. As an old employee, you work hard and do your best. Marketing performance has become a model for all employees. Marketing is booming, and you use performance to prove to the company that you are a well-deserved sales champion. To prevent women from being obsessed, May 2020 exceeded their monthly goals. You deserve to be a hero of the enterprise, and Chen Bin was awarded the honorary title of May 2020 sales champion.

Here,PHOTON warmly congratulates the partners who have won the honorary title! To express my heartfelt thanks and high praise to all outstanding employees and partners for their dedication in the cause! The launch of the awarding activity not only affirmed the sales performance of the sales champion, but also the company hopes that through such awarding activities, everyone in the marketing work should be motivated to unite and collaborate, work hard, not afraid of difficulties, and make progress together. A salesperson must achieve the goal of "specializing in communications and striving to be a first-class communications soldier"!

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