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PHOTON trip to Qingyuan in 2019 has come to a successful conclusion

Happy work, happy life, put down the worry, Qingyuan we come!

Now the sun is shining and the breeze is quiet.Bath foot green grass, warm sunshine, life is not only work, and poetry and the distance, it is good time go out to travel, in order to enhance staff team consciousness, rich amateur cultural life of the employees, let staff to relax after the work, promote the exchanges and communication between the employees and fly through the company specially organized activities of Qingyuan 2 tour!

On the morning of December 7, we took a bus to Jiulong town, peak foest town, MountGryRum, slink, countryside.The broad lotus lake reflects the blue sky and white clouds, and the gentle wind awakens the earth.

Later, our army will be awarded the monthly sales champion award, is also the main event.Under the host of  Wendy, we all sang "True Heroes" together. Inspired by the honor and bonus, we believe that every member of our sales team has a dream in their heart, and they will march forward bravely.

After the rest and rectification, a group of people to the Jinlongdong underground river,Jinlongdong underground river cave mountain water waterfronts, the perennial climate is mild, abundant rainfall, clear water.Tiger hole from the northwest of the cave, there is Ming river to the southeast of the flow of more than 2,000 meters, re-emergence of flying goose mountain, is a flowing limestone cave.There are rare natural stalagmites, stalactites in the world, beautiful music stone wall, glittering stone waterfall, the stone flower that sleeps 100 million years and huge gather treasure gold basin, form is different, modelling is lifelike, with different forms and lifelike shapes.Here is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, far away from the compact sense of life, breathing the fresh air, watching the beautiful scenery, green jungle, everything is so beautiful.

Jinlongdong hole out, we were lucky to see the rainbow, we are happy like children, as if to find childhood memories, simple satisfaction.

After two days of short activities, employees harvested happiness, courage, knowledge and friendship.Every activity in the expansion shows the importance of leadership. I learned how to integrate team spirit into work and life, and created a cohesive and active atmosphere for all employees.This trip enhanced the team cohesion, and reflected the company leaders' concern and care for employees' body and mind. I believe that in the future, we will work with greater enthusiasm to create the next miracle


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