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[Exhibition information]- Seven years with CIOE,PHOTON will go all the away!

September 4 to 7, local time, CIOE (China International Optoelectronic Exposition) is the world's leading exhibition in optoelectronic and photonic industry. As a participating in CIOE for several years, PHOTON broadband at the 1C92 booth is showing various PON and optical equipment series products and professional networking solutions, attracting customers.

During the exhibition, experts and visitors from the photoelectric industry at home and abroad gather together to discuss and learn the new products, new technologies, new solutions and experience of many photoelectric industries at home and abroad.

PHOTON exhibition hall

On site, our staff share application solutions for TV stations, floors and floors with customers and audiences.Although it is the last day of exhibition, the booth of PHOTON is still popular, and the scene is full of popularity.PHOTON believes that only excellent products can have such effect.

In terms of products, PHOTON has a full range of broadband products and a wide range of application fields. It has many successful project cases in the world, covering national radio, television, hotels, company, shopping malls, shopping centers, television stations and other segments.

In terms of specific solutions, we have developed perfect application solutions, broadcast solutions and business conference application solutions, which have been widely used in TV stations, hotels, companies, shopping malls, shopping center and other fields.

Due to the limitations of the exhibition, only part of the products can be displayed. We will continue to introduce new products and develop better products to meet the needs of customers.Therefore, we PHOTON will continue to remember the original intention and forge ahead!


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