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Company new

Congratulations on the grand opening of Shenzhen Photon Guangzhou Company

Vying Forward
With the beautiful melody echoes over the Guangzhou Science City, the opening ceremony of Shenzhen PBB Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch officially began at 10:10 on July 3, 2019.

Dancing Life

Beautiful dance, with the mad melody, shows the wonderful life.

Packed with Customers

The office corridor is filled with partner's congratulations flower basket, and the office is filled with singing, laughter and phone ringing.


Many partners, guests and friends attended the opening ceremony to share their successful experience.

Because I believe, so I see

Celery (diligent), green onion (smart) and lettuce (fortune) are hung at the door for good omens.

Walking with the wise, you will be out of the ordinary.

Walking with the erudite, you will climb the summit.

Tomorrow will be better

In the end, Photon Team sang a song "Tomorrow will be better" to stimulate the future passion and dreams of Photon people, and a beautiful vision for the company's future development. “Devote your youthful power to this world. We pray and believe that tomorrow will be better.” The opening ceremony of Guangzhou Branch is perfectly ended in the high-spirited singing.


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