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Shenzhen Photon Broadband Technology Co., Ltd. (PBB Tech) is a manufacturer that provides CATV&PON products. PBB Tech has been concentrating in the fields of CATV optical transmission networks and IP access networks since it was founded in 1993. PBB Tech devoted to many researches and developments of relevant product solutions. In twenty-six years of development and production experience, PBB Tech has become a leader in Digital& Analog Optical Transmission and an expert in Broadband and PON access technology. PBB Tech can offer full optical transmission solutions to any kind of network operators.

Based on strong R&D capabilities and continuous technology advancement, PBB Tech collaborates with overseas customers for both technology development and product manufacturing.


PBB Tech’s mission is leading applications and product solutions. PBB Tech will not also assure excellent quality, but also provides excellent customer service; in the end lead to build the information highway with customers. PBB Tech passed ISO9001/ IS9002 /IS9004/ CE/CCC certification in 1998. Since that time we have been established mature systems and processes to assure customer satisfaction in order to meet our customer’s emerging needs.


PBB tech has built a solid technology foundation and stable operating environment over the past decades. Combined our reliable quality and honest working culture; we can assure our customers of a strong, long-term and mutually successful collaboration. It is the goal and sincere promise from PBB Tech. We invite you to join in PBB Tech; together we will light a bright future in the Communications Industry.



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